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10.10.17 17:05:57Байрамов Руслан Ренатович:
Господь наш.
Сказал наш Бог слова такие.
Я есть и буду вечность я.
Единый я Господь миров.
Вселенной я Творец.
Создатель я людей всего я суть.
Я Бог любви и милосердия.
Я есть Творец и свет всего.
Я дух святой я Истина.
Единый я Господь я мощь и сила.
И ангелы ответили ему.
Хранители мы ибо есть.	
Все знающий все видящий.
Объемлющий добро дающий.
Единый вечный наш.
Дающий жизнь нам всем.
Един единый он единства.
И сила мощь его хвала тебе.
Наш справедливый наш свет.
Господь и Милосердия.

Стихи.ру.Автор.  	Поддержать Деньгами. Если не в тягость.
Руслан. Байрамов.	Мой счет. 4276 8560 1363 9442 VISA
Обитель доброты и Милосердия.
Есть храм души и духа смысл.
И веры чистота учений мудрых суть.
Трудов благих даяний светлых.
Земная жизнь есть бога Милосердия людям.
И храм добра от слов его.
Есть вышей дар для нас.
И нам дана во благо всех.
В единстве да в мольбе взывая.
К единому Творцу моля помочь.
И силы дать.
Лишь он дающий нам.
Есть Милосердный Боже.
От всей души благодари.
От благ своих добро твори.
От доброты люби.
От веры верь от Бога вера.
Стихи.ру.Автор.  	Поддержать Деньгами. Если не в тягость.
Руслан. Байрамов.	Мой счет. 4276 8560 1363 9442 VISA
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  Norways Statoil ASA was the No. 2 producer for afourth-straight month with 50,233 boepd of output, 14 percentmore than in July and 33 percent more than a year ago. BrazilsBG Group Plc was No. 3, with 47,626 boepd, 7.86 percentmore than in July and 50 percent more than a year ago.
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  Dylan is still featuring “Tangled Up in Blue,” in which he muses about old friends: “All the people we used to know, they’re an illusion to me now.” As much as any song, it says what he’s doing up there on stage — far from the virtual, online world:
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  Conditions do not appear to be getting appreciably better in July, as Thompson says global comparable sales for the month are expected to be flat from a year ago and results for the rest of 2013 “are expected to remain challenged.”
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  The exhibition includes 100 works from the original show by artists such as Duchamp, whose masterpiece Nude Descending a Staircase was mocked and compared at the time to an explosion in a shingle factory, and Matisses Blue Nude, considered depraved for its distortion of the female form.
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  The second study looked at the relationship between phthalate levels in both sexes and the odds of becoming pregnant. The team followed 500 couples for a year, and found that men who had the highest levels of phthalates in their bodies were 20 less likely to impregnate their partners over that year. Oddly, the women’s levels of phthalates did not seem to have the same connection to pregnancy.
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  We heard the governments task force team had completedreviews on our overseas assets and they will unveil soon howmany assets we should offer for sales, although they wont namethem in public, a source at one of the three state-run firmstold Reuters on Friday. He declined to be identified as he wasnot authorised to speak to media.
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  Network Rail Scotland hopes to complete the plans in part at least by 2015 to coincide with the 125th anniversary of the completion of the bridge, which has been nominated for World Heritage status. Any profits would go to the cost of the bridge’s upkeep.
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  The activation, many believe, will be Gareth Bale’s move to Real Madrid for £85 million. It is suggested today this will enable Spurs to penetrate the monotony of the Luis Suarez to Arsenal affair, Manchester United to test Madrid’s resolve to keep Cristiano Ronaldo as they press on for Cesc Fabregas, thus making the possibility of David Moyes selling Wayne Rooney to Chelsea more palatable, and offering Tranmere all the hope they require to lure Fernando Torres back to Merseyside from Stamford Bridge
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  Continuum Health Partners, which owns Beth Israel and St. Luke’s-Roosevelt in Manhattan, attempted to keep LICH afloat while the area’s residents migrated to the city’s more sophisticated medical centers.
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  Muzzio noted that Weiner, once a popular six-term Congressman representing parts of Brooklyn and Queens, was being evasive, the same way he was when the scandal first broke and he took days to admit the images and messages were his.
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  Venezuela’s polarized politics might explain why it is easily the most violent nation in South America. Yet it also fits within the alarming trend that has made Latin America and the Caribbean the world’s most murderous region.
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  Todd Zarfos will be vice president of engineering functionsand leader of the Washington state design center, succeeding DanMooney, who was recently named vice president of the SouthCarolina design center. Boeing is looking to fill Zarfos roleas vice president of engineer for commercial aviation services.
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  Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhotas position on Mayor Michael Bloombergs controversial proposal to ban New York City restaurants from selling large sugary drinks has shifted since he first launched his campaign in January.
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  Scott Wolfson, spokesman for the governments Consumer Product Safety Commission, said as flat screen TVs have become more popular, many families move heavier old TVs to bedrooms, placing them on dressers or other unsteady furniture not designed to hold them.
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  Mr Walker argued: “In too many areas, Europe has lost its way. Its regulatory and legislative output ties up the efforts of small and medium sized businesses. Efforts which could otherwise be spent on innovation, expansion and investment. IoD members value the single market, but there’s much less enthusiasm for EU intervention in corporate governance, employment law and home affairs.”
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  Stern is leaving his position at a time when the NBA is strong, from its collection of starts to its 5.5 billion industry (split 50-50 with the players) to its TV ratings to its global reach to labor peace with the players union.
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  Katie Couric is the new face of daytime television, and shes darn proud of it! The cheery talk show host stepped out in New York City on Sept. 26, 2012 looking radiant sans makeup on her way to work, waving to photographers as she strolled through the streets. Couric, 55, may have been in a particularly good mood because of recent reports that the former CBS Evening News anchor is now leading the pack of daytime talk shows, with approximately 2.5 million viewers a day, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
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  The characters in her stories are often girls and women who lead seemingly unexceptional lives but struggle with tribulations ranging from sexual abuse and stifling marriages to repressed love and the ravages of aging.
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  In a dramatic end to a 12-hour standoff, State Police spokesman Albert Paxton said officers entered the bank in the small town of St. Joseph shortly after midnight because the gunman was threatening to kill one or both of his hostages.
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  The Knicks probably wont be the best team in town, but if Mondays media day was any indication of whats in store this season, then the Nets are going to have an impossible time matching their cross-river rivals when it comes to creating back-page headlines and staging soap operas and all the other silly stuff that dont really matter.
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  The latest jobs data was due to be released on October 4, but the deadlock over the US debt ceiling and government shutdown meant the release was postponed. The figures, published this afternoon, showed the American economy added 148,000 jobs last month, far fewer than the 180,000 that had been expected, while unemployment fell to 7.2pc.
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  If Spanish individuals were consuming 1.0 because their wages were 1.0, but now wages are being forced to 0.8, that means consumption must go to 0.8. For (illegal) immigrants coming from places where wages are 0.5 which means consumption is 0.5, going to Spain and getting screwed in Spain might mean wages at 0.6 and consumption at 0.6, or consuming at 0.5 and sending 0.1 in remittances, with the hope of moving to wages of 0.7 and then 0.8.
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  Since Sisi deposed Mursi, his remarks have shown that he wasstudying Egyptian politics as closely as anyone. They have alsorevealed deep suspicion bordering on hostility towards theMuslim Brotherhood that could shape the outcome of the crisis.
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  “I’ve tried to understand it,” she writes, “and what I’ve come up with is you need a wild streak if you hope to be a serious competitor. You need to put it out there that you’re reckless and unpredictable - not just so your opponents take note, but so that you notice, too. You’ve got to convince yourself that you’re capable of anything.”
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  A market that works well for consumers and for firms will be of benefit to everyone and to the UK economy. We want consumers to be in in a position to drive healthy competitive markets so that they become the new normal, Wheatley said.
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  Our Classified websites (Photos, Motors, Jobs and Property Today) use cookies to ensure you get the correct local newspaper branding and content when you visit them. These cookies store no personally identifiable information.
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30.11.17 17:26:57OXzLQseR:
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  The Department of Protocol would assemble a dossier on the wives or daughters of Monarchs or heads of states visiting Libya. A gift of dazzling jewels or pure gold would be delivered along with an invitation to meet the dictator. In fact, his own ministers and generals were wary of inviting the dictator to family events, such as weddings, or trusting their females to strange drivers.
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  Petrofac reported a 12.5pc fall in first-half revenue to 2.8bn (£1.8bn), that was more resilient than analysts had expected after delays at the In Salah gas project in Algeria knocked forecasts earlier this year.
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  Hungarys stake of 24.6 percent in MOL is a key element in its state energy portfolio, which includes the gas units of Germanys E.ON, as Orban tries to boost government control over the energy sector in the country.
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  A 1994 ceasefire brought most of Hpakant back undergovernment control, and large-scale extraction began, withhundreds of backhoes, earthmovers and trucks working around theclock. Now even a mountain lasts only three months, saidYitnang Ze Lum.
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  We still havent flown any produce out. We are waiting tosee what rolls out today. In the meantime, (we are trying) notto bring any more produce out until we see what happens, JaneNgige, chief executive officer of exporters association KenyaFlower Council, told Reuters.
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  Senate Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile cannot simply wash his hands of allegations linking him to the P10-billion pork barrel scam, according to the counsel of the witnesses against the alleged brains behind the scheme, Janet Lim Napoles.
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“The dialogue crackles; the supporting characters are crisply drawn; and the story achieves almost instant escape velocity.”
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I saw your advert in the paper does 007 viagra work  I have reason to believe that this shady shit is in doing of Live Nation. I recently attended the Kelly ClarksonMaroon 5 - Honda Civic Tour and after the concert, they sent me a survey asking about my experience at the venue. After the survey they asked if I would be willing to answer a few questions. They asked how much of a fan I was of Britney, Katy, Justin B., Jonas Brothers, One Direction, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez AND MILEY CYRUS! I answered honestly and said I liked her (which is true as before We Cant Stop she was basically unheard of. They went on to aske multiple questions about whether or not Id be interested in seeing her live and what I thought about her VMA performance (multiple questions about the later of the two!). I can only imagine this misleading survey is being used to give the impression that the public doesnt like her. Lets face it though, We Cant Stop and Wrecking Ball are both very good songs and the album is promising! Hate the VMA performance or like it, its not going to change the fact that people like her, will listen to her and WILL BUY HER MUSIC. People need to get over it and quit being so sensitive!
01.12.17 00:37:39eFpJLfnNENEoJpLdYN:
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  Reuters reported on August 29 that investigators from the Pentagons Defense Criminal Investigative Service are examining potentially improper payments by the Armys Non-Standard Rotary Wing Aircraft unit to two Russian-owned subcontractors, Avia Baltika and St. Petersburg Aircraft Repair Co, or SPARC.
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